Storck-CCN is Domestic Elite Cycling Team registered with USA Cycling and based in Northern California. With a focus on U23 and U25 riders, the current team has grown from the multiple programs and teams AJ has been involved with. The focus on creating a development squad was decided upon in 2012. Managing director AJ Kennedy realized the need for a transition program for young riders leaving the junior ranks and moving up to the elite level. The focus during the 2013 season was to create the initial squad and build a core group of riders that became the foundation for adding young talent. From 2014 through 2016, a number of riders were added to the roster with the goal of reaching the highest level – the Pro Road Tour and UCI invitation races. The 2017 season sees the team take on the new name of Storck-CCN and continue to build the program.

AJ’s Philosophy

As the managing director of the team, I have been thrilled to watch our riders become friends as well as teammates. I believe it’s important for young riders to develop strong relationships and respect for each other. If they respect the talent and character of their teammate they’re more likely to sacrifice their own personal chances for the benefit of a teammate. I have seen this dynamic create long lasting relationships that go beyond competitive cycling. I have also learned that for these young adults, building friendships within the team structure helps give the riders a focus. When a rider has focus, they are much more apt to learn about responsibility, accountability and commitment. These are all character traits that go far beyond racing and will serve each rider throughout their respective lives and careers.



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